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Golden Group Consulting Limited offers a comprehensive range of diversified services, including precious metals e-commerce, gold and silver acquisition, customized gold and silver coin services, third-party precious metals custody services, and international product asset allocation.


Our professional team will create the most suitable investment portfolio for you through global precious metals, foreign exchange currencies, indices, and digital asset allocation services to meet your investment goals and risk tolerance. We provide the latest market analysis and strategies to help you achieve optimal results in the market.






Golden Group Consulting Limited focuses on financial technology and investor education. Every introduction of new technology is a result of our emphasis on financial innovation. Our team, with industry-leading investment experience, combines advanced financial technology to monitor the market.


Our Value


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Strong Foundation:
The company has strong financial strength and strategic partnerships with renowned

financial institutions.

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Fund Security:
Recognized by governments and authoritative institutions worldwide, ensuring fair and equitable trading rights for investors.

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Product Diversity:
Offers a wide range of popular global trading products, with a brand service highly praised and recognized by investors.



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Top Platform:
Connects to the world through the world's leading MT4 trading platform, accessing the latest international news to seize investment opportunities.

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Experienced Team:
Provides daily trading strategies, financial information, and market outlook analysis.

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Professional Customer Service:
24/7 professional online customer service, efficient support to answer your investment questions.


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