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Through the IB (Introducing Broker) program, IB agents can earn rebates from referred clients without making upfront investments or complex business integrations with GDFX.


IB agents only need to refer more clients to GDFX, and the subsequent work will be fully supported by GDFX.

Why choose to cooperate with GDFX?


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Exclusive Service
Dedicated customer service and consultants are available to support you as a strong backup.

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Marketing Tools
Comprehensive marketing tools are provided to make it easier for you to approach clients.

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Flexible Commission System
Multi-tier commission feedback allows you to tailor the most suitable commission system for you, in line with your recruitment strategy.


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Professional Analysis
24/7 strategies and timely global news broadcasts help you capture trading opportunities.

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Powerful Back Office
An easy-to-use back-office system is provided to comprehensively manage client information.

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Promotional Activities
Collaborate with authoritative events to expand your reach to unlimited potential clients.



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